Monday, May 10, 2010

Good Old Charlie Brown Should Emulate Watchman Chew

Charlie Brown “just can’t get people to believe in” him. That’s because Charlie Brown haven’t read all about Watchman-P.A.P.A. Daniel Chew Huicong.

If good ole Charlie had simply:

1) Started a “Christian” blog on controversial and/or popular issues e.g. the latest theological quibbles, panegyrics of eminent theological personalities and idols, exposés of some megachurches and famous pastors etc;

2) Self-published a book (without peer review, of course) using some self-publishing tool like Xulon Publisher;

3) Acquired an obsequious, unthinking following by writing or speaking like an end-time “prophet” (“ believe this or be damned as a heretic!”) or “apostle” (“I proclaim unto thee Anathema Sit!”) … … all in Jesus name, of course;

4) Raised his own apparent social/academic standing within the theological and/or pastoral community by simply name-dropping as many times as he could;

5) Worn a BSc (Hons) graduation gown and post a picture of it on his blog – so as to appear erudite in theology; and

6) Self-proclaimed himself as the Patron Saint for the 6 forms of unity, all the while surreptitiously supporting/attending a neo-apostolic church while pretending to be against the neo-apostolic movement;

… … he would have been more successful in his cry for people to “believe in me.”

Poor old Charlie Brown.


Charlene Black said...

I believe, i believe (in Charlie Brown), help thou my unbelief (in the Watchman) ...

Prophet Abu Bakar said...

Whoa! You gotta BELIEVE in Chew, or else you ain't no believer in JESUS CHRIST.

You gotta be a CHEW-ian, or you'd be better off to chew yourself eternally in HELL!

Better pluck out the power plug if the computer causes you to sin, or cut off the internet if that causes you to be a blogging-addict.

It's betta for the power plug and the internet to be destroyed, than for the soul to burn forever in HELL.

Listen to the Chew.

The Watchman Chew.

AshantiHallenb54165 said...
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Olivia Woloshyn said...

Is this a cult blog?