Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Little “God” Daniel Chew Pronounces Anathema and Damnation Upon Many Souls

I had been having a field day elsewhere, but here I am again. I was browsing Watchman Daniel Chew’s blog, and did a search for the word, “anathema.” Wow. I’m amazed, but I’m not surprised. There are obviously numerous incidents where our Watchman Chew spoke like a god – or more appropriately, a little god – and pronounced damnation upon his critics, opponents, and fellow Christian pastors and teachers. I learned in Sunday School as a pre-school toddler that only God has the right to decide the eternal destiny of any soul. Apparently, Watchman Chew learned otherwise – as a university graduate.

It would be too lengthy and verbose to spell out every incident whereby he pronounces an anathema or curse upon his foes. You can always do a blog search for his blog. But I’ve learned that he is pretty fond of a phrase, namely, “Anathema Sit!” I did a search for this phrase, and found the following occurrences (see below).

I tried understanding what he meant by “anathema sit,” and finally concluded that he has a kind of delusional self-perception whereby his Alter Ego projects the authority of an apostle, while his Id is still trapped in an anal retentive stage. Probably he felt that, by his horrific, albeit detailed, pronouncements of “anathema,” his opponents might be intimidated to a “sitting” position – almost like a hunted animal. Hence, “anathema sit!”

Another theory is that, during his childhood, he didn’t have the opportunity to practice his closet-sadist inclinations with little pets and rodents, such as plucking out the legs of ants or pouring hot water upon hamsters. Thus, when he had his puberty, he finds great joy and stimulation while pronouncing curses, and calling down brimstone and fire from heaven, upon his frightened foes.

Be afraid, be very afraid!

Quotations from Apostle-cum-Watchmen Chew:

Watchman Chew prophesizes anathema against other prophets:

Since these false prophets like to prophesy lies, here is my prophesy against them: Repent of your heresies and your proclamation of your false 'gospel', or you will most defintiely face the wrath of the Lamb! You are hereby cut off from Christ and if you persist in your sins, anathema sit!

Watchman Chew declares all feminists unsaved and anathematizes all of them to eternal damnation:

To these feminists: Anathema Sit! Truly, Feminism is a heresy that is to be excised from bible-believing churches, in whatever form it may take.

Watchman Chew, in the place of God, condemns Rev Yap Kim Hao to eternal hell fire:

Enough said about this liberal heretic and unbeliever! 'Reverend' Yap, repent or face the wrath of God and the fires of hell in eternal damnation! Anathema sit!

So beware, my friends. Do not, I repeat, do not offend our Apostle-cum-Watchman Chew; he may just pronounce anathema upon your soul, and condemn you to eternal hell fire!


Anonymous said...

Mr Daniel Chew is acts like a christian extremist out to proclaim damnation to other christains who do not adhere to his "strict standards".
I wonder if his views are endorsed by his church. Is he holding any leadership position in his church? Does anyone know?


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Johnson,

I am a member of his church. As far as I know, Mr Daniel Chew is an inactive member of his church. He is not in any leadership position. But he is the "leader" of his blog - he has his fans, know what I mean?

You can always write his pastor to confirm my statements. He likes to sit in the cafeteria during break time to criticize his own church leaders. That is what I (and many others from CERC) hear from him day in and day out.

He thinks that his pastor is a lousy preacher, unlike him (really! But Daniel Chew HuiCong is a stutterer!). He thinks the church elders are un-gifted, unlike him. Don't believe me? Write to his pastor or elders and ASK THEM.

Mr Lee

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Lee.
The Church Leadership, his family, or fellow church-mates should counsel him appropriately.

If he does not agree with the leadership, then he should leave or be asked politely to look a church he can agree with. Such behaviour has the potential to destroy the unity of your church.

Are you aware if he suffers from anything?


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Johnson,

From my humble observations, and for his own good, he might need more than the counsel of his spiritual leaders. It seems that he might need medical or psychiatric assistance as well. A hypnotized Daniel Chew is likely better than a sober one, I suppose. But of course, I beg for forgiveness if the truth sounds harsh, but this is my sincere and honest assessment of the situation.

Mr Lee

Anonymous said...

Give that man Daniel a toy, and he'll hopefully stop toying with others.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Lee for your insights. I assume you are a member of CERC.

Mr. Chew can be a leader in blogsphere, but in the church, Jesus is the Head. So no one should feel intimidated by what Mr. Chew is attempting to do.

Having said that, sometimes, he does give appropriate warnings about certain people who really should not be in the ministry at all. Let's give Mr. Chew some credit for that.

A reader

Anonymous said...

No who goes out into blogshere and condemns fellow believers should be commended!
It like a killer who goes on a shooting spree killing people and happens to shoot a their and we give him credit for it. It nonsense!

Daniel is like the white supremist in the USA. Thinks he is the chosen one and the supreme human being that God has chosen.

Another reader.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - a typo:
"It like a killer who goes on a shooting spree killing people and happens to shoot a THIEF and we give him credit for it. It nonsense!"

PuritanReformed said...

Wow, "Mr Lee". I challenge you to talk to me next Lord's Day, if you are truly are a member of CERC. Anyway, I know you are lying when you say you are a member of CERC, because we DO NOT have a cafetaria.

Isn't it revealing that all the critics here (from Antithesis downwards) are all hiding behind their keyboards libeling me? None here it seems dare to put a name behind their libelous comments.

Anyway, I am not interested in answering any of the false and libelous charges here. If any wish to be taken seriously, the minimum I require is that you identify yourself.

Btw, Jenson, I know you are there. A word of advice to you: Stay clear of such people for the sake of your soul. I don't think I need to remind you of the corrosive influence of false brethren, unless you want to be in violation of 2 Cor. 6:14-18.

Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel,

I read blogs and you left a link to this blog. But no, I am not "there".


Anonymous said...

Dear My Daniel Chew HuiCong,

Why do you take "cafeteria" literally? It is simply the place where you sit at table and criticize your leaders Lord's Day after Lord's Day; or would you prefer me to use the word "critic's table?"

Be very sure that I'm telling the truth. God knows and YOU know. My kids have even heard you in action; the elders are aware of your attitude. You can continue in your "watchman" attitude, or begin serving with a Christ-like attitude.

Mr Lee

PuritanReformed said...


I see. Sorry for my mistake then.

"Mr Lee":

stop your pathetic lying. You are NOT a member of CERC. If you are, I challenge you to reveal yourself.

Anonymous said...

Mr Chew,
So do you have Asperger Syndrome or some form of autism or something else? Yes or No will be fine.

This could explain why you think you are justified from your perspective; while others think otherwise!

Anonymous said...

Dear Daniel Chew HuiCong,

You challenge me to reveal myself?

You sound as if you're exorcising a demon. Do you expect me to speak with the voice of a legion?

I wonder, what if I refuse to "reveal myself?" Would you pronounce an anathema on my soul with your apostolic authority?

I dare you say to the Lord that you didn't do such things. And may the Lord judge who IS the liar.

I would continue to adhere to my word in the light of the Lord's fiery judgment before His throne:

"[Daniel Chew HuiCong] likes to sit in the cafeteria during break time to criticize his own church leaders. ...

He thinks that his pastor [Mr Paul Goh] is a lousy preacher, unlike him ... He thinks the church elders are un-gifted, unlike him."

yours truly,
Mr Lee

PuritanReformed said...

Bleh! "Mr Lee", you condemn yourself by your own words. All that you have said of me is a lie, and you know it.

Fact #1: We have no cafeteria
Fact #2: I do not "sit down" during "break time".
Fact #3: I do not even discuss church issues with anyone (much less criticize), and only personally with my leaders. Unlike some fool, I obey Heb. 13:17.

Since you claim you are a member of CERC, let me ask you this question: Who do I talk to most of the time in CERC? If you are a member, you would know.

Anyway, I think it says a lot when you hide in the shadows posting anonymously. God knows who you are however, and He will judge you for your libel.

Anonymous said...

"...Who do I talk to most of the time in CERC?"
Hmmmm .... yourself?

Not Mr Lee.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Daniel Chew HuiCong,

You can pretend that it's all a lie, but God knows, and I can stand by my words on judgment day.

Let YHWH judge between you and me. I dare say this sincerely. Do you dare stand by your words before God Almighty?

Mr Lee

PuritanReformed said...

"Mr Lee":

you think you can play bluff? I'll stand by my words, and may God judge you so severely for your lies.

Spiritual Israel said...

Dear Mr. Lee,
Let me identify myself. I am Reverend Paul Goh, pastor of CERC. You say that you are a member of CERC, please identify yourself, otherwise, people should ignore your slanderous comments about a member of the flock of God, of which I am the pastor.


Spiritual Israel said...

Dear Antithesis,
I am Rev. Paul Goh. Please also identify yourself,otherwise, I ask your readers to ignore what you have said about Daniel Chew.


Antithesis said...

Dear Paul Goh,

With all due respect, my posts on Watchman Daniel Chew is all based upon his writings on his blog. My readers can judge for themselves. (They do have a brian to think with). All his words are documented and reproduced on my blog.

What rights/authority do you have to ask my readers to ignore my words? I am not under your pastoral care.

Is the truth too hard to bear?


Antithesis said...

Dear Rev Paul Goh,

By the way, the office of Watchman is apparently above that of "reverends" and "pastors" as Watchman Chew watches over even archbishops and Popes. He had watched over several pastors by now.

I wonder if Watchman Chew watches over you too?


PuritanReformed said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Daniel Chew HuiCong,

Likewise, "I'll stand by my words, and may God judge you so severely for your lies."

You can lie to man (your pastor), but not to God.

Mr Lee

Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor Paul Goh,

I need not identify myself here: What I wrote is judge by Someone higher - God Himself.

I stand by my words before His throne.

Is that enough for you? Can I swear by a higher Name?

Mr Lee

PS: You can protect Mr Chew, but you will reap the fruits in your ministry.

Antithesis said...

Watchman Daniel Chew,

Your comment has been deleted in violation of my Blog Rule Number 5a, Section 2, Act 2b. Please google for my blog rules.

If you can't control your tongue, please at least control your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Watchman Chew,
Regardless whether this Mr Lee is being truthful or not. He is MAN enough to proclaim that God be his ultimate judge of his postings. Respectable chap!

So far, you have only been accusing him of lies and THEN pronounce judgement & damnation on him - what about yourself?? Do you dare proclaim judgment on yourself if otherwise?

Oh, on the topic of remaining anonymous - welcome to blogsphere! If you chose to reveal your nakeness to the blogsphere due to your large ego, it doesn't mean everyone else must do it. And no matter how much tantrums you throw in blogsphere or amount of judgment you proclaim on them - people who want to remain anonymous will remain so ....

Rev Paul Goh,
With due respect to you office as Pastor of CERC, since he is your sheep, perhaps you should render him some counselling.

Not Mr Lee

Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor Paul,

Are all of Daniels views and postion endorsed by CERC? You should make this clear. It does appear that they are.

Is he holding leadership position in CERC - elder or deacon?

Daniel is essentially damning everyone to hell if they do not conform to HIS theology.

Anonymously yours

Anonymous said...

28 comments! Wow, Antithesis - you are now in the big league.

A reader

Anonymous said...

Anything new?


phillyflash said...


Why are you attacking Mr. Chew anonymously?

Kinda cowardly don't ya think....

Cruise on over to my blog and find out what I've had to say about you "watchman"


Anonymous said...


Use of Pseudonyms = cowardly?

So all who use pseudonyms are cowards ... where's the proof?

You are judging the intentions/hearts of those who use pseudonyms. So I reckon that you are likewise a little god like Watchman Daniel Chew who can read the hearts of men?

Think, my friend. Don't write with a knee-jerk reflex.

Anonymous said...

Quote from Watchman Chew's testimony:
"Truly, all thanks be to God, who saved me over and against my own free will; for I know that given my free autonomous choice, I would never have chosen Christ in the first place."

So God made him a Christian against his free will??? And he does not believe that God gives man the free will to choose? Also, is he saying he was saved twice?.... hmmm ... all a bit heretic isn't it?

Jeremy Low
ie not anonymous:)