Sunday, May 23, 2010

Truth and Degeneration

In a recent post, the most correct and logical Watchman-cum-Clarkian Daniel Chew Huicong once again proved himself to be deprived of not only logical mental faculties, but also good ol’ common sense – which is apparently not so common in his case.

Our most venerable Watchman Chew made the following inane proposition that P.

Proposition P: Unregenerate "biblical" scholars produce "scholarly" academic theological articles and books.

Chew’s context for P: “In the world,” presumably this possible world.

So let us examine this proposition for sanity’s sake.

If P = “Unregenerate "biblical" scholars”;

Then Q = “Produce "scholarly" academic theological articles and books.”

Allow us to first examine the acceptable logical forms, modus ponens and modus tollens.

1) Modus ponens

If P, then Q.
Therefore, Q

This would mean that, if “you were an unregenerate "biblical" scholar,” then “you would produce "scholarly" academic theological articles and books.” It could be easily shown that it is not true that "scholarly" academic theological articles and books are produced by all unregenerate "biblical" scholars. The very fact that a particular biblical scholar is unregenerate does not guarantee the production of "scholarly" academic theological articles and books.

There are many factors that might influence his intellectual fecundity. For instance, this scholar might develop a particular medical condition which deprives him of his ability to use his higher intellectual functions e.g. a major cerebrovascular accident. In this case, he might even require the use of adult diapers! Or he might be caught rioting with the Red Shirts in Bangkok and thrown into jail; in which case, he wouldn’t be very productive in academia thereafter.

2) Modus tollens

If P, then Q.
Therefore, ¬P.

This would mean that, if “you do not produce "scholarly" academic theological articles and books,” then “you are not an unregenerate "biblical" scholar.” But an unregenerate “biblical” scholar might not be producing "scholarly" academic theological articles and books” for a myriad of reasons. And as explained above, he might have been thrown into jail in Bangkok for rioting, or is currently wearing adult diapers after having a severe stroke. This does not mean that he is suddenly a regenerate “biblical” scholar or Spider Man! On the other hand, he might have simply retired from being a tenured professor.

We now come to the fallacious logical forms of Chew’s proposition that P.

3) Affirming the consequent

If P, then Q.
Therefore, P.

This would mean that, if “you produce "scholarly" academic theological articles and books,” then “you are an unregenerate "biblical" scholar.”

The foolishness of affirming the consequent would be clear for most readers, except for perhaps Chew. For example, John Fullerton MacArthur, Jr. does produce "scholarly" academic theological articles and books. Does that mean that he is now an unregenerate "biblical" scholar? That goes for scores of godly biblical scholars who produce "scholarly" academic theological articles and books on a regular basis.

4) Denying the antecedent

If P, then Q.
Not P.
Therefore, not Q.

This would mean that, if “you are not an unregenerate "biblical" scholar,” then “you will not produce "scholarly" academic theological articles and books.” Again, by denying the antecedent, Chew’s already screwy proposition is made even screwier. I believe it is obvious to the readers that one does not require to be an unregenerate "biblical" scholar in order to produce "scholarly" academic theological articles and books. One can be a monk or an Islamic scholar or even a regenerate “biblical” scholar.

Perhaps all Watchman Chew wants to do is to hint to us that only "godly" self-appointed Watchmen produce “scholarly” theological articles and books that are generally not accepted by academia, and only such Watchmen qualify as “godly” and “regenerate.” So we should all preferably read only blogs, articles and books self-published by self-glorifying Watchmen like the most venerable, most correct Watchman Chew.

But the truth is – Chew’s reasoning faculties are indeed degenerating, and our prayers are with him.

PS: This is an analysis of only one sentence from Chew’s post, out of his many posts. Can you fathom the tomes required to analyze all of his fallacious thinking and writings?


Bo Seng said...

First, Chew considers all his friends "damned" because they don't agree on ALL points of theology; now, he considers qualified theologians as unqualified with a broad brush. Only those deemed qualified by Chew are qualified. Chew is indeed the final authority on all matters.

Prophet Chew (PBUH), oh how high you are seated; oh Prophet Chew (PBUH) how all-knowing you are. Glory to Chew (PBUH) in the highest.

Protestantpope said...

OK, you have lost me here! But awaiting more good materials from you AT.

Peter said...

LOL! Chew's opening "proposition" is already fallacious - so only his cronies would continue to "enjoy" the rest of his "paper."

Well, you got to give it to him. At least Chew has the thickness of skin to claim that he is more "qualified" than folks from the Ivy League schools ... ...

Monica C. said...

Hey AT,

I guess Daniel is trying too hard to keep his posts going ... oh got to keep the technorati ranking going! Ahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Fancy making silly statements like that in his PAPERS!!! PAPERS!!! Oh my left foot - his PAPERS!!!


Dan Sheehan said...

In another possible world Chew might be a "qualified" Watchman, but in this possible world he is probably an airhead looking for recognition.

It's really THAT obvious!

What Great Expectations from Chew!


Daniel Gaw said...

Haha! I would have loved to see a "verse-by-verse" commentary or critique of Chew's crappy "papers" and "writings."

It would have been extremely enlightening!

Anyway, it was a really funny read. This also serves to point out that Chew doesn't use his brain to write. I wonder which part of his body he uses?

Anonymous said...

if the intentions of daniel and AT are to rid of false intetpretation of the gospel for the love of God and His people, it is commendable. But hatred, anger and violence do lead to more of the same. Surely Christ desires that we should act in love for our fallen brother?

Jason Lim said...


That's really good advice for Watchman Daniel Chew Huicong.

Glad you sensed the "jihadist" mindset of Chew.

As for AT, I think this blog is a loving tribute to the infallible, most correct Watchman Chew.

That's love for a fallen brother! Well said, Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Jason, Was that really necessary?

Jason Lim said...


Are your comments necessary?

Your comments are not related to the post. Interact with the post, not make ad hominem attacks against the blogger.

This is what the venerable Watchman teaches to his cronies.

Not Anonymous said...

if the intentions of Anonymous is to rid Chew of his critics for the love of Chew and his cronies, it is questionably commendable. But hatred, anger and violence do lead to more of the same. Surely Christ desires that we should act in love for our critics?

Love yall wits said...

Good thing yall are not buddhists or i will be so disappointed. You christians sure have tongues like razor'

Admin said...

Love Yall Wits,

Comparing two religious institutions in Singapore (i.e. their people, doctrine etc) in a negative light can be construed as a seditious act; your URL can be traced and charges brought.

Here you are attempting to mock Christians/Christianity by comparing them to Bhuddists.

You have been warned.

PSs: So who is the one with 'tongues like razor'? Look in the mirror, hypocrite.

Love yall warts said...

Buddha gimme a second chance; yea, even so many chances after this life to geddit right. But Jesus says only one chance, and then you gotta do the final examination - it's heaven or hell.

Yea, surely I say unto you: choose you this day how many chances you wanna get.

One chance or many chance.

When you buy Toto or lottery, we all wanna getta many chances. Who wanna only one chance? One sorry chance? But how many chances do we really gotta have?

But this is what Jesus wanna us to have - just once.

Just Once ...

You are like GOD said...

Ooooh! I tot Buddha wanna us all kena reincarnated over and over again. SO when you die huh, you kena reincarnated ... all over AGAIN!

You NEVER really die!

You are like GOD!

You are actually GOD - IMMORTAL!

You live ALL OVER AGAIN ...

All over again ...

Anonymous said...

Watchman is what real theologians classify as a "NEOTRADTIONALIST".

-A concerned Calvinist.

Anonymous said...

Concerned Calvinist,

Watchman is what real theologians classify as a "NEOTRADTIONALIST".

What do you mean?

sdas said...
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Anonymous said...
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明文吳 said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I have posted something new.

PP, hear me now!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey AT,

I just found out that Watchman Chew is now a student of Westminster Ca under a prestigious scholarship called "My Daddy's Scholarship." As he has never served in any major capacity in any local church before, he is not supported by any church for his seminary studies. Also, his ex-church would testify that he would probably be the last on a list of would-be full-time ministry candidates if he was scrutinized by his church.

As a self-serving student who aspires to quarrel and debate in blogosphere with a seminary degree, he would probably self-ordain himself as a reverend of a handful of rank-and-file blogo-fans.

Would his pastor (if any) clarify these rumors?

One thing for sure, he sure has the wallet to feed his pride (or rather, his dad has the cash for his boy to feed his pride!) ...

Anonymous said...

Studying seminary in America is not cheap; in fact, it's like doing a professional degree overseas! Taken together with the moneys required to survive/live in USA, it's easily 100K USD or more.

But of course, Mr Chew doesn't need church support. In fact, he doesn't have a choice of church support. Who needs church support when you have an earthly father who pays for a grown-up son like he's still in diapers?

May I know which board of elders had elected/appointed godly Chew to do seminary and to be ordained upon his return - given the fact that he hasn't served the local church in any capacity?

I'm sure Pastor Paul Goh wouldn't send Chew to Westminster given that the PRCA seminary is still functioning. Oh wait, Chew is no longer in CERC. :)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Chew is merely a rich spoilt little brat who is leeching off his father's retirement money!

Incredibly unbelievable!

It's time to get out of his diapers and support his old folks now, not time to feed his pride and his unholy desire to argue. Somebody got to teach that boy.

A Friend said...

To be fair to Daniel, he is greatly to be admired for not having any family commitments in any way. Both his parents are doing well and self-supporting, while Daniel himself has no emotional ties in Singapore.

By all means, he is his father's son, and his father can choose to "invest" in his theological education. At his age, most would be supporting a wife and kids, but in his case, perhaps it's more secure to continue living under his dad's roof.

It isn't easy these days for theological students to survive when supported by a local church; so isn't it great that he is supported by his dad and not by any local church?

I would have wanted my dad's support too!

Beng Leong said...

Nowadays, theological education in "Ivy league" schools (i.e. the Big Names) is all about money and fame. You got the money, you get to study. References from pastors? I'm sure you can get someone from blogosphere to "recommend" you. :)

Serving a local chuch?

What local church? His blog is bigger than any church in Singapore!

Surendran Prakash said...

Goodness gracious me! Money his parents have, now he takes his daddy's money and his daddy is poorer. How many more of this can his poor daddy take? What kind of use can his degree do? Is he a better Christian with his paper which he takes with his daddy's money?

Local church he wouldn't serve, but now he wants to be served by a piece of paper called a degree. And like some others who spend their entire lives making trouble for other churches and pastors, this Daniel will be the next to make trouble for pastors and churches. Goodness gracious my daddy's boy! Hope evil men get punished!

Donnie Yan said...

No problem sir! Like those who are not supported or sent by local churches can always "self-ordain" when they are "finished". Very colorful!

Even Chew's papa can ordain him also, like you just gimme a few palms on my head, or you get a few bloggers to lay hands on your head. It's really that simple nowadays! Anybody can study and get ordained themselves!

It's really this easy! Even Yan can Ordain! Very tasty! You sure like it! It's easy!

Not Enemy said...

Hey, don't make fun of Daniel leh. He later got degree can be like God OK? Please worship him and make him happy. OK?

Bo Seng said...

Prophet Chew has changed his name to Daniel H. Chew, as if he's ashamed to be known as Daniel H C Chew - which is too Asian. I pity his father. He gave Chew the name of Hui Cong, but Daniel now calls himself Daniel H. Chew, and H can mean anything from Houton to Humphreys to Hump. Where's the 'Cong' in the name? Daniel H. Chew certainly sounds more American, and given that he's ashamed of his original initials H.C., he now calls himself - Daniel H. Chew. He has apparently distanced himself from the easily googled name of Daniel Chew Huicong.


Anonymous said...

Daniel H. Chew is more cool, American-like than Daniel Chew Huicong.

However, to be really 'kosher', consider this:

BB Warfield
CH Spurgeon
TT Shields
JG Paton
AT Pierson
HCG Moule
AW Pink

So, shouldn't Daniel go for:
D Chew
DH Chew
DHC Chew

Barry said...

I think no want the surname, want the ingrish name, then more cool!

I recommen HC Daniel, or maybe yes add an 's' to last name, then become HC Daniels, cool man!

more western, more cool, more like superstar. "chew" sound too chinese, maybe chew no want to be chinese no more. be like ang moh better, more cool! next thing I guess he might try get amarica citizenship.

He is THE Chee Soon Juan of Reformed Scholarship! I like him!

Scholar HC Daniels, woppee! Be a fan of HC Daniels, won't you? Click "like" on facebook, then he bely bely happy!