Thursday, May 20, 2010

Free Lifetime Membership For Watchman Chew!

In view of the exceedingly impressive statements made by the Watchman Chew in his previous posts, I would offer an absolutely free, no-strings-attached, lifetime membership for Daniel Chew Huicong in the aforementioned club (i.e. see above).

There is also an exciting giveaway of an absolutely free template – only for the first 100 members – to print a name card with. The template outlines the following extraordinary credentials: apologist, author, watchman.

Please print your very own Member's Certificate here.


Anonymous said...

Aiyoyo, Is membership opened to ALL ODMers?

Can Daniel's Bulldog join too?

Daeng Tom said...

Congratulations, my dear Daniel!

That's quite an achievement! Better than a BSc (Hons) or an unaccredited theological degree - think Macasil!

Dan Sheehan said...

I just don't understand why "Christians" need a phony PhD for "ministry".

What for? A piece of paper to show that you are now "qualified" - an oxymoron since that piece of paper is not even recognized - to satisfy an insatiably BIG ego?

裕以 said...
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Antithesis said...

Hey Chew,

If you wanna post spam porn posts here, I've told you to go to Geylang and start a business. Post deleted.

Peter said...


"Christian" teachers (and self-appointed watchmen) are scampering for “theological” degrees and PhDs because they think like the world; they want followers to respect them, they want recognition, they want to have their small ego stroked. All in Jesus name, of course!

But this girl who was beheaded for Christ will be greater in the Kingdom of God than all those who are "first" - with "respectable" degrees and phony PhDs and followers - this side of eternity.

Weng Hooi said...

Oh this is so sad, I cannot see picture and feel not sad!

How many "Daniels" go around, now scold him, now scold her, go around think he very smart. Read so many "bible" books, but simple Christians in poor poor places die for Jesus. Can Daniel really honest with himself, tell himself he love the Lord with his "bible" books?

If he die go heaven, I pray he wouldn't be last!