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Daniel Chew's former friends (Protestant Pope)

As Daniel Chew is not writing anything controversial (or useful for that matter!) at the moment, I decided to re-read one of Antithesis's blog post, entitled "A Very Short Reply to Daniel Chew Huicong".

An anonymous comment (1st comment) wrote in that post that Daniel Chew had a number of former friends. A follow up comment pointed out the number of one-time friends of Daniel Chew who have since disappeared - after having some "debates" with the Watchman, Author, Apologist of the Christian world (AT - Daniel's original post with his infamous name is now removed).

I decided to scan the blogsphere to look out for Daniel's former friends. My case-study is this blog - THE LIFE OF WORSHIP, by Wenxian - a Singaporean who no longer blogs. Let us follow - chronologically, their friendship and then falling out... it is a pattern between Daniel and his 'former-friends'. I have included some quotes in italics.

1) This is Wenxian's first post when he endorsed Daniel Chew's Blog - April 2006
"This is my friend's blog entry. I support what he has said in his blog entry. Daniel knows what he is saying and i have did my checking as well."

2) In June 2006, Wenxian and Daniel Chew were still FRIENDS!
"I thank the LORD... He has sent 3 people, filled by the Holy Spirit, to affirm me in my battle and help me affirm up my faith, to encourage me on this hard road of life i choose to walk in the LORD. I am thankful for brothers cyberranger and hedonese and daniel. Thank you LORD!"

3) From this post in Nov 2006, Wenxian had (or still is?) attended the same church as Daniel Chew. I wonder if he left it once he realise what kind of a character Daniel Chew is!
"Went to visit Daniel's church, CERC today. I must say that i am pleased with whats going on."

4) Here Wenxian states - in Aug 2007, what everyone suspects all along - that Daniel is a hypercalvinist! I sense the trouble has already before this post...
Daniel a type-3 hypercalvinist?
I'm simply calling a spade a spade here. Failure to understand God's perceptive will and decreptive will? Thats really sad. What makes it really sad is that he (likely) became a type-3 hypercalvinist because he wants to oppose everything Rick Warren said in his 40day PDL book, which begins with: [God desires your salvation... God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life]... Either that or he can't bear to see himself wrong in in his angelfire website.. other reasons exist of course."

5) I am not sure about this post - dated Nov 2007, but it was obvious Daniel Chew had said something to offend Wenxian. But I was not going to pursue that line...
"I recently visited Daniel's blog and honestly, i quite regretted visiting it. yet i was also quite happy too. Its strange but being correct is a much more overwhelming feeling that being insulted/character-assasinated online. I simply proved the assessment i had of daniel all along. Of course i will not say it here, but its not good. I'm quite appalled a reformed christian actually behaves in this manner to a well-worded comment. It was neutral in stance in everyway. I couldn't believe it when i wrote the comment without a single fiery word."

6) Also this by Wenxian - dated Nov 2007. Here is clear that Wenxian has left the church that Daniel Chew attends, due to theological differences. Was it really due to theological differences or did Daniel's behaviour put him off?
"Anyway, as a personnal aside to daniel, if you won't listen to Brother Jenson, who has attended more church than you, served more than you and is much more mature than you - even IF [lets assume i am not] i am attending a church at the moment, you will not repent from your foolishness. So because you deny Brother Jenson's arguements (which i totally suscribe to), you deny yourself the same right of arguement against me when you use [the assumption that that i do not attend church, i.e. your ''i have done more than you so u don't have authority arguement''] against me.

Another thing. I am very grateful i didn't attend your church. I don't want to imagine myself trying to pull out from your church purely because of baptismal theological differences. This was my benefit of not attending church at that time. Imagined if i had committed to churches of your sort without analysis? I'll be doing it the same things as my previous church again! I was blind but now i see. I have no wish nor rush to jump back into blindness."

7) Finally check this out by Wenxian. Amazingly, in May 2008, Wenxian was sounding the call to watch the watchman! I have included Wenxian's entire post.

"I've been reflecting about 'watchmen' in certain protestant, reformed churches today. I was wondering what is it about 'watchmen' such as Daniel that made him call out Jenson as someone who disparages Scripture, even when:

1) Jenson affirms the full and sole authority of Scripture. (sola scriptura)
2) Jenson was clearly taken out of context and slandered.

Is it the correct way for Daniel to call out to Jenson and ask him to repent of something he did not do? Based on the sole proof that Daniel provided against Jenson in his blog, if taken into full context, Jenson was by no means disparaging scripture, even IF the clip (which Jenson remained silent) was sort of dispararing Scripture.

Is it therefore appropriate to assume the context of a person's heart and call the person to repent when in actual fact, the only thing Jenson did was that he did not follow Daniel's insistence to attack Edmund? [Daniel, why pray tell, must Jenson attack Edmund in the context of that post?]. Even if Edmund became rotten to the core later, it is not to be used as evidence against the 'fundamentalism is idolatry' post. Must a person attack another verbally in order to demonstrate allegance to the Lord?

Or has Daniel forgotten who Jesus chose: Mary or Martha? It is sufficient when people draw close to to the Lord.

Daniel has to learn to be humble and understand his position. While i do affirm the correctness of his analysis with Rick warren and the purpose driven movement, as well as against homosexuality, Daniel is not empowered by heaven or by powers on earth, to demand that 2 individuals speaking amongst themselves to fall out. Daniel is neither an elder nor a pastor (now). Even if Daniel is an elder or a pastor or a pope, it give him no right to bring two friends assunder (even if they associate on other terms and differ in theological opinions). That would clasify as 'Lording over the flock'.

I hope Daniel understands clearly that the reason why i dissociated from him, in retrospect, was not due to theology per se. Rather, it was his obnoxious behaviour and his willingness to interfere in events that have no need of his interference. In short, if Daniel had not interfered with my initial conversation with vincent and made his own comments, we would have parted amicably. Then again, i thank God i did not part with him well - i should stay clear of anything that pollutes me...

Additionally i hate people who have scant respect for other people's time. Such is a fruit of a person who thinks he is superior than other people and does not give people the benefit of the doubt nor respect.

I do not wish to be influenced by people who cannot inwardly manifest Christ in their lives. I have no wish to be a hypocrite. A person who cannot fix his inner man (ok thelogically its by god) but insists on not trusting God and trying to fix other men himself is in for a lot of trouble.

Another serious error is that he believes people can be neatly classified into various categories of heretics/etc. Erm no. Some may but mostly others will accept some things and reject others. To classify a person as a _________ and therefore use known arguements against this class of theology is plain foolishness! This means that Daniel has likely no wish to listen or discern if the person is (1) gently deluded (2) really believing in it (3) plain confused (4) not part of the theology at all! He once clasified me as a dispensationalist - yet John piper is a reformed theology baptist. Sighz.

If we go by the fruits of the spirit, Daniel sadly misses out on goodness, kindness, patience and self control. Well.. if God can make a Babylonian king eat grass, he can make fools out of people. Lets just leave everything to God for this guy. Honestly i had given up on him a long time ago.

Wouldn't it be better to just sit at the feet of Jesus and to draw close to Him? Isn't it enough?"

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