Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Death Of A Pope's Blog

This is an "official" farewell to my friend-in-internet, the Protestant Pope. To his blog, particularly.

Goodbye! And cheers!

Hope you'll find my selection of your exquisite works interesting, timely, and edifying!


Monica C said...

Heroes come and go; some move on to something bigger, some move on with life itself. Will miss that blog.

My deepest condolences for the loss of a well-written, rational blog.

All hail the Pope!

Weng Hooi said...

I so sad Pope say goodbye, don't know why leave me here to die, why why tell me why? With a plate of siew mai and cuppa ngao lai, I fill my tummy first then go home to cry!

Remember to come to my shop and buy your famous bo loh pao! Me Weng Kei's bun best you know!

Marimuthu said...

Leave if you must, but tell us you should. No need to go in a hurry, we friends you know. So also good for AT to publish here Pope's best works. Now enjoy Pope's best works we all can!

So long, you little chilly padi! Wishing you a hot pot of curry to enjoy for this Fall!

Catholic Pope said...

Protestant Pope: Encore!

We DEMAND your return!

Say no to no and yes to yes!

Daniel Hedge Chew said...

Eh ... I knew you are not up to the battle. Who are you to criticize me? It's good that you deleted your blog. Might as well, kiddo!

I'm Daniel Hedge Chew, PSLE certificate, O levels pass, A Levels pass, BSc (Hons), MDiv candidate (premium seminary, mind you!).

You ought to bow down before me. Amen.

The one and only Daniel HEDGE Chew, master of hedging and pussyfooting.

protestantpope said...

Hi AT,

Sorry for deleting my blog, which has been informative and useful - I trust.

But thank you for posting some of my "greatest hits".

I might "resurrect" the Protestant Pope Speaks blog later, but for now - I/we await YOUR posts!!!

THE Protestant Pope

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