Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sad and shameful side of so-called Christian blogs ...

The owner of Tartanarmy came over here and posted his anti-christian, sinophobic sentiments about fellow Christian believers who were racially Chinese, so I had to acknowledge his talent in making subtle, pejorative racist comments. Not surprisingly, this man is a Watchman Chew rank-and-file follower who resides comfortably within the Watchman's dominion and rule.

Really, there are some very strange professing Christians out there who ought to be doing something else, other than being a Watchman Chew toady.

I do empathize with pastors, elders, churches, Christian organizations and bloggers who seem to be targets of Watchman Daniel Chew Huicong's and his toadies' blogs. Shame on them.


Anonymous said...

Calling Chinese Christians "Chins," "Pests," and Australian "minority" are absolutely degrading and UN-christian!

Fancy that cheek of his - he still has the guts to blog like he's some kind of spiritual guru.

What a closet racist. Once again, he exposed himself for who he really is - a racist Watchman Chew follower.

Anonymous said...

I'm Chee Soon Guan btw. Forgotten to sign off. :)

William said...

Oh my! I'm shocked!

I thought slavery and racism was a thing of the past; why is this "christian" blogger ranting about "Chins", and the Chinese minorities in Australia?

Repent, my friend. Ask Christ to wash you with His precious blood. I worry for you, my brother.

William T.
Western Australia

Rev Sim said...

Greetings brethren!

It's been a great time worshiping the Lord today, and we appreciate your service for Him.

I've just visited the post you linked to:

Mr Daniel Chew (aka PuritanReformed) had commented that you are the son of the Devil. His comments and attitude shocked me.

Does he know you? Why would he even call a fellow brother-in-Christ the son of Lucifer?

Which Christian or decent young man would even spend all his blogging time going around anathematizing and condemning fellow Christians, pastors, elders and churches to hell and eternal damnation?

Who would even call another the son of Satan?

I am greatly saddened by this young man; he has so much time in his hand - if only he would use that time for His glory.

See you next Lord's day,
Pastor Sim

Anonymous said...

Rev Sim:

Watchman Chew is not Reformed.

No Reformed Christian in their right mind would even think about saying the words Watchman utters.

"Who would even call another the son of Satan?"

What Confessional Standards is he following?

Not the the standards in the Reformed Faith!

Chua KB said...

Who is this "watchman chew?'

I visited his blog, and he writes like he is the bishop of Singapore.

I have friends in a Free Evangelical Church in Singapore, and they all say that he is a stuttering, conceited, “I-think-I’m-the-Pope-and-your-pastor-sucks” church hopper. He worships at CERC (wonder if he is still there), but instead of spending more time serving the local church, he goes church hopping and sermon tasting on the Lord’s Day. I wonder if his pastor knows what he is REALLY doing.

Wee Kit said...

Koon Beng,

Ha ha! I know that fellow - Daniel Chew! He comes to our Evangelical Free Church once in a while ... he also visits some others ... my friends and I have talked to him before. I wonder why he keeps going around Singapore looking at various churches ;) Isn't he a member of CERC?

Ah ... perhaps he is fulfilling his "watchman" obligations. I hope he is straight though. o.0

Anonymous said...

He also goes to Redemption Hill Church.

Jenson said...

Hi AT,

As much as I appreciate your blog, this is going a bit too far.

For e.g. Are you certain that he is "church-hopping" and criticising all other pastors?

Esp. after his latest post about Heb 3:17, I would be surprised. But I might be wrong.


Antithesis said...


I have friends in a certain Evangelical Free Church who are also serving in Campus Crusade. That church worships within the premises of a Methodist church (hint). It's a small world.

As for Redemption Hill Church, you can always contact the pastor:

Well, you can always contact the Watchman and ask him questions under oath :)

Some of my friends KNOW this watchman personally; I don't. They don't video-record his visits/hopping. Would you want them to? Perhaps a youtube "evidence" would convince you?

PS: I have the direct contacts of these friends of mine. You want to call them up? What is your email address? Where do you reside in?

Jenson said...

Hi AT,

I know Daniel personally. I hope he is still a serving member of CERC.

And if not, I hope that he will be found in a suitable church where he will appreciate the ministry and be useful.