Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Song For Daniel Chew Huicong

PS: Inspired by the Protestant Pope

A Song to my brother, Watchman-P.A.P.A., author, apologist, Daniel Chew Huicong. Sung in the tune of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas".


Dear Daniel Chew Huicong,

Have yourself a blogging-watching Christmas,
Let your hate be light
From now on,
your skeletons wouldn’t be out of sight

Have yourself a blogging little Christmas,
You damn to hell the Gay,
From now on,
their troubles will be blogged away.

Here you are in your judgment chairs,
Happy judging days … of yore.
Ske-le-tons that are dear to us
Out of clo-sets once more.

Through the years
Your blogs will gather together,
If “Blogger” allows
Hang Da-mo-cles sword above your balding brow.
And have yourself a blogging-watching Christmas now.


A Former Friend said...

This song is tailor-made for Chew. How appropriate for a person of Chew's stature.

Merry blogging and watching, Chew. And may you repent of your sin and pride this season.

An Atheist said...

Just like the love of Daniel the Christian man, so is the love in this beautiful song.

Indeed THE lyrics that describe the love of Daniel Chew the Christian man.

That is why some of my friends reject Christianity. It is a religion of peace and love.

Another Former Friend said...

Christmas is a Christ-less time for Chew.

Merry X'less, Mr Chew.

Geok Seng said...


that's a hilarious one!

sincerely yours,
Geaok Seng ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi whoever this is:

Found your blog by accident while searching through some articles on google, and Daniel Chew came up on the search engine. But anyway, I hate to say this: this is a welcomed and fitting blog for Chew. I hope he grows up and mature as a Christian.

Merry Christmas brother,
A brother in Christ of Daniel Chew

Tomodachi said...

Me too, me too ... merry X'less Daniel. Enjoy especially your 12 days of X'less. :)

May all your anathemas do not come true.