Saturday, November 21, 2009

Daniel Chew Huicong's Former Friends Haunt The Present

Hey you all, you folks got to read this post by my pal Protestant Pope.

This is the TRUTH. You KNOW it is.

Will Daniel Chew's former friends please stand up and speak up?

Booooooohoooooooo ... ...


Anonymous said...

You say the truth and nothing but the truth, protestant pope!

Great link, AT!

Parthivan said...

Goodness gracious me! This Daniel Chew must need medicine. Friends he had all fly away, and how many more would run away now that we all know what kind of monster he is?

A Christian monster he is!

Weng Hooi said...

Daniel is still attending the church? I like think he in CERC visiting still. He is member yes? Not remember his pastor say what, but he blog still very much.

AT, you remember to come my stall eat the dimsum! I have many reserve you can eat what you like!

You good brother.

From: Weng Kei
Mr Weng Hooi

The reader said...

A very interesting link and article. Thanks again AT.

Emperor said...

Chew has crossed over to the dark side. It was his destiny. There is no other way; pride was his Maker.

A Former Friend said...

I found your blog by googling for daniel chew's name.

As a former friend, I want nothing to do with Mr Chew. I have nothing but bad experiences and memories about this man. His hypocrisy makes me sick to the core. He can hide his two-faced double-tongued character behind the computer screen, but know him in person, and you'll see what he is.

Monica C. said...

Read the above link. Chew thinks Antithesis made up various names to give the impression of "numbers."

That is the best joke of the century. :)

Dear readers of this blog, you know who you are, and we do not need to prove anything. Chew can rot in his own self-delusions.

We are definitely not AT. AT is not me either.

pistevo said...

I'm not AT either and what I said was correct. Watchman needs to really grow up if he is to be anyone respectful in the Body of Christ! Sad that we live in a day when people like Daniel have no real need for accountability in his sanctification as in his case. It's also his elder's fought for not doing true pastoral ministry in his life. Such a sad account of a Reformed Church which by its own confessions should know better!

明亮 said...

Daniel's前朋友应该一起聚集,并且追忆丹尼尔的所有罪恶. 反题 (Antithesis) 应该组织汇聚.

Anonymous said...

AT, Monica C and co.

I am dealing with that troubling last paragraph of Daniel's conclusion at the Credo500 blog.

The Protestpope Speaks, hear him now!