Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Do not use your senses, boy! It's logically fallacious according to the venerable Watchman Daniel Chew Huicong

As always, there would be loads of fun when we get to peruse the honorable writings of the scholarly Watchman Daniel Chew Huicong. This post would be the first of a series of posts relating to the Credo500 Blog Conference which is hosted by our venerable Watchman Chew.

I was surfing the Credo500 blog for a little while when suddenly, I spotted something so very amusing I almost died from intractable hiccups secondary to choking on my coffee while reading it. It can usually be depended upon that such embarrassments come from a man who lives on a tiny, sunny island in Asia; a man whose mind is most certainly narrower than the island's oligarchy - and that is an empirical fact.

IMO, the principle error of NPP is the negligence it pays to the biblical historical context. Instead of using the infallible and inerrant historical context as narrated in the Bible, it uses the fallible and errant empirically-derived (and thus logically fallacious) "findings" of contemporary historical research to re-interpret the message of Scripture. After all, why do you think that there is so much narrative found in the Scriptures?

It is a pity that Dave did not pick up on this vital point in his evaluation of NPP. Attack the entire fallacious enterprise of empiricism (which is a form of unbelief), and the whole enterprise of NPP will come crashing down.
I take issue with the above sweeping statement/dicto simpliciter/allegation concerning "empirically-derived findings" i.e. that these are "logically fallacious." Chew wrote, "[NPP] uses the fallible and errant empirically-derived (and thus logically fallacious) "findings" of contemporary historical research to re-interpret the message of Scripture. ... Attack the entire fallacious enterprise of empiricism (which is a form of unbelief), and the whole enterprise of NPP will come crashing down."

Here Mr Chew proposed that P:

Where P = Empirically-derived findings are [thus] logically fallacious.

That statement is in itself self-defeating, and therefore, fallacious. Are "empirically-derived findings" logically fallacious/incoherent by default? Isn't this a mere bare assertion on your part, Mr Chew? (Disambiguation: Or are you confused between scientifically "empirical," positivistic "empirical," or the empiricist's "empirical" per se? Surely you believe you aren't because you used the technical term "empiricism" in your last paragraph.)

Don't you, the venerable Watchman Daniel Chew Huicong, rely on "empirically-derived findings" e.g. findings of your senses (cf. empiricism's "empirical"; see the last statement of your comment) to write this comment? Don't you rely on "empirically-derived findings" to decide what other bloggers have discussed? Don't you rely on "empirically-derived findings" to read the papers offered in this website? Don't you rely on "empirically-derived findings" to discern what propositions and arguments are being made in these discussions/papers?

If so, even as you utilize your "empirically-derived findings" to type out your response to all the comments found here, or use the keyboard which likewise relies upon your "empirically-derived findings" to construct phrases/clauses/sentences/paragraphs/propositions/arguments on the display screen of your computer unit/blogosphere, isn't it a self-defeating proposal that all such endeavors (of yours) are logically fallacious/incoherent?

If your statement is true, then I must probably [thusly?] conclude that all that you are (including your epistemology, but probably not all of your intellect on second thought, or whatever is left of it) - since you rely on "empirically-derived findings" to even live out your life - is a sad, sorry, and/or "logically fallacious" affair.

Question: How did you come to the knowledge of the Gospel? Via "empirically-derived findings" which are, according to you, logically fallacious (e.g. findings of activities such as reading, listening etc)?


A reader said...

Welcome back, Antithesis... It has been a long while.

A reader

Antithesis said...

Well dear reader,

I was never away ... I would only spend time to write when there's something "interesting" by ... well ... scholars of a different breed :)

The Credo500 conference would give me plenty of material to expound upon scholarly insights by our beloved friend. :D

This is only hors de oeuvres offered during a measly 30 minutes lunch break. (PS: ha ha ha!)

A reader (the same!) said...

May I encourage you in your writings, they are always a joy to read.

Antithesis said...

Dear same reader,

My oh my, your encouragement is indeed ... encouraging! (seriously!)

You are always welcomed. Don't have coffee too late at night, okie? ;)


A passer-by said...

Hmm... you seem to be so profoundly affected by Daniel that you dedicate a blog mainly to comment on his writing is such great detail.

Antithesis said...


I might even be attracted to him! Mmmmmmm ... :)

how's the Yankees treating you? Still enjoying yourself in Melbourne?

But seriously, I'm a Watchman of Watchman. I'll dedicate a blog to EVERY self-appointed watchman in my diocese. Seen Chew's business card?


Fancy one, ain't it so?


Mr Wang said...

That is indeed a very interesting namecard by Mr Chew. Wonder if he uses it for his job interviews i.e. Daniel Chew Huicong AUTHOR, APOLOGIST, WATCHMAN. Wow. Very IMPRESSIVE CV.

Will a sane man do something like this?

truly yours,
Wang CC

Kim Seng said...

Haha, we all know where the Watchman is right now: land of the kangaroos.

Last time I heard he's in Melbourne. Hope he wouldn't come back with an Australian boy ;)

He still has time to blog and read blogs? Whow!

PuritanReformed said...

Wow, my personal stalker is up and active.

Seriously, you shot yourself in the foot. Now I can guess who you actually are from the information here.

Wendy said...

Wow, our personal WATCHER is up and active.

Seriously, you shot yourself in the foot. Now we can guess how WATCHFUL you are!

How Teck said...

Puritan reformed,

I like your photo.

Are you in Australia to look for your other half? That photo of yours would surely be noticed ;)

Who wouldn't want to marry a graduate?

Ruth Lim said...

Hi all,

I came across this blog from the credo500 blog, and would like to say something.

I don't really know who this Mr Daniel Chew is, but I had looked at his blog, and would understand how he would have stepped on somebody's toes. I also find his language at times very distasteful, to say the least.

But why don't you go easy on him? He is, after all, a Pastor, and it takes faith to go into the ministry. Maybe it takes time for the Holy Spirit to work some grace in his life.

May you all be reconciled in His love.


Anonymous said...

Daniel Chew is not a pastor!

He writes as if he is well-read, but he frequently repeats the same 'arguments' and 'prooftexts', with a liberal dose of Latin and Greek.

To me, that is not a sign of a person who is interested in the pastoral ministry, or serious Bible study.

Antithesis said...

Oh, Watchmen Chew himself visited MY BLOG! He honored me with HIS PRESENCE!

Thank you thank you thank you.

Mu-ah mu-ah mu-ah!

Dear Watchman Chew (WC),

So who am I? Let me tell you: I am your Antithesis.

Your Antithesis.

PS: I am not, I repeat, I am NOT your muchacha. So please do not love me.

Antithesis said...

Dear Ruth,

Well ... you see, I like the Watchman very much.

In fact, I like him so much I dedicated a blog in his name. This is for REAL! :D

This it IT! It's for all posterity! When his time on earth is up, he will look back at all his polemics, critiques, debates, quarrels, strife, and of course, blogs, and say to himself, "Soul, you have laid up plenty of writings for yourself. People will definitely remember your great name now. You can now sleep, drink and be happy. Why write any more, or corner another fellow blogger with your senseless rhetoric? Besides, I have a library all filled with books for my friends to admire."

But his "Gawd" will say to him, "You smarty pants, I like you already. Now keep your boxer shorts on, put on your specs, and take a peek into my grand divine library where you can blog till you drop! Your lesser brethren who couldn't blog like you did will be your slaves this side of eternity. They'll bring you MORE BOOKS and of course, your favorite TEDDY!"

Isn't it going to be a happy ending?

I love happy endings! Awwwwwwww ...

Sincerely yours,

PS: Watchman Chew is not a pastor. He is too great for such a job. He WATCHES over pastors. You couldn't get it, could you, Ruthy?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm enjoying myself in Melbourne thanks. I'm generally treated well, I guess I assimilate in the culture pretty quickly. How do you know I'm in Melbourne?

Do you know Daniel personally? Usually a lot of misunderstanding and unnecessary 'fierceness' in writing disappear when meeting in person.

Since you are his antithesis, does that mean you are not a Christian?

The Heretic said...


You shouldn't answer a stranger.

My mummy had taught me to ignore strangers, especially when she's serving up my favorite pancakes and maple syrup.

Antithesis said...

Howdy Dowdy,

Like it in Aussieland? I know folks that visit Aussieland for their … well … products. Watch the customs ;)

Well, well, well, since you chose to come to my dump, then you ought to know that I would be able to spot you. Plebs that romp here are familiar with the terrain, and we know the dirt they leave behind. How about you?

Since you are not his antithesis, does that mean you are a Bigot?


PS: Heretic, just let little boys play :)

Anonymous said...

Only Mr Chew can understand this. Its greek to the rest of us!

Ο Ντάνιελ δεν είναι τίποτα περισσότερο από ένα τρελλό αγόρι που είναι απογοητευμένο στη σκέψη ότι είναι ο μέγιστος μελετητής στον κόσμο. Σκέφτεται ότι είναι God' το δώρο του s στην ανθρωπότητα και μόνος διορίζεται ως τελευταία αρχή στο chistianity.

A reader said...

Ο Ντάνιελ λατρείας ο ίδιος, δεν Θεό.

Mr Wang said...

大鸟现在是一个学者;他希望他的论文发表在credo500会议。 你必须文中批判。

Anonymous said...

Yeah I guess you can track from URL or something like that. I got led to this link while visiting credo500.

No, I'm not a bigot. Don't think it's necessary to be a bigot or an antithesis to have a firm stand. I have my own view but have had good coffee and chats with Christians of different views, and non-Christians.

Some of Daniel's comments might be overboard, but I think it's not that bad in Credo500 conference. There are more fierce / unfriendly comments there, aren't there? But looks like you only pick on Daniel, doesn't matter whatever he says. Is that because you are his antithesis?

Heretic, I thought this is an anonymous blog which welcome anonymous comments.

The Heretic said...

So are you going to burn me on the stake?

My mommy wouldn't like it!

Peng Peng said...

丹尼尔有一段时间了未blogging。 我检查了他的博克。 有趣的没什么那里。 您为什么不尝试并且没看见他闲逛的地方?

A reader said...

Over at Credo500, Daniel Chew has written his "article".


Enjoy... Antithesis, any comments, or will we expect a new post?

A reader

Noodle Lee said...

Arhhhh ... you ... got to ... wait ... it is ... coming ... coming ... like a thief ... in the night ...