Friday, March 6, 2009

According to Watchman Daniel Chew Huicong, All Churches Involved in Festival of Praise are Blaspheming God and Condemned to Hell

There was a very interesting Report on the Festival of Praise written by the venerable Watchman Daniel Chew Huicong some time back. My friend Monica pointed it out to me; and could someone please explain to me why wasn’t I the least bit surprised.

The venerable Watchman closed his report with the following statement,

“May God have mercy on us all for this blasphemy conducted in the name of Christ, and may he grant the people involved repentance unto eternal life in our Lord Jesus Christ.”

From his report and the aforementioned statement, the Watchman had accused the churches involved in the Festival of Praise of the following crimes:

1) All churches involved in the Festival of Praise are blaspheming God.

These include several large churches in Singapore namely City Harvest Church, Riverlife Church, Church of Singapore, and Covenant Evangelical Free Church. Pastors and church leaders specifically named by Daniel Chew Huicong include Rev Kong Hee, Canon James Wong, Worship leader Don Moen, and Rev. Ed Silvoso. Therefore, according to the Watchman-Pope-Prophet-Apostle Daniel Chew Huicong, all the above churches, church leaders, and pastors are guilty of blaspheming God Almighty. But that is not all.

Since Watchman Chew insisted that the blasphemy was committed by all those involved, this sin must be committed by the Festival of Praise Committee members as well as other attendees which include Rev. Chia Beng Hock, Pastor Ezekiel Tan, John Suan, Rev Dr Phil Pringles, Bob Fitts, Rev Mark Conner and many others.

2) All churches, pastors, leaders, and church members involved are going to hell unless they repent “unto eternal life.”

A bolder assertion by the Watchman Chew was this: these churches together with their leaders and members ought to repent of their blasphemy and pray to God that He will grant them eternal life. This is a pronouncement-cum-judgment that all churches, pastors, leaders, and members involved are hell-bound blasphemers unless they repent of their alleged blasphemy. And this “blasphemy” – which the Watchman had accused them of – is merely a joint worship of the Christian God within the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

All in all, according to the revelations and prophecies of the venerable Watchman Daniel Chew Huicong, the entire City Harvest Church, Riverlife Church, Church of Singapore, and Covenant Evangelical Free Church together with Rev Kong Hee, Canon James Wong, Worship leader Don Moen, Rev. Ed Silvoso, Rev. Chia Beng Hock, Pastor Ezekiel Tan, John Suan, Rev Dr Phil Pringles, Bob Fitts, Rev Mark Conner and many others involved in the Festival of Praise are heading straight for hell fire and are summarily condemned for blaspheming God within the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

And thanks to the great Watchman Chew we now know which churches and pastors in Singapore are going to be damned.

Furthermore, according to Rev Mark Conner (the Senior Minister of CityLife Church in Melbourne, Australia), Festival of Praise 2008 was attended by over 142 churches in Singapore. But according to Watchman Chew, all these 142 churches involved in the Festival of Praise are likewise hell-bound and blasphemers of the most holy faith.

Do you know what these 142 churches are? Let's ask the Watchman for more details, shouldn't we?

Be afraid, be very afraid!

If Watchman Chew can condemn more than 142 churches, their pastors and all their members to eternal hell fire, couldn't he pronounce judgment upon your puny soul as well?


Here are some of those pastors and leaders condemned to hell and decreed unto reprobation by our venerable Watchman Chew:


Susan Lim said...

Hey! I'm worshiping at City Harvest, and who is this Daniel Chew Cong? Who gave him the authority and liberty to say that my pastor Kong Hee is going to hell? How dare he says that my entire church is going to hell!?!?!?

What kind of a freak is he anyway???


Weng Hooi said...

LOL! Wah Ah Daniel so scary one ah, like the witch in TV call down fire on poor people lah. Why he write like that? I think Christian should love brother sister, not hate them want them all die and go hell wah!

Next time you visit me I treat you boh loh bao, ok ;) Weng Kei's boh loh bao taste so good brother, remember shop next to Yaumatei station there?

I email you you tell me your arrival ok?

Anonymous said...

“May God have mercy on us all for this blasphemy conducted in the name of Christ, and may he grant the people involved repentance unto eternal life in our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Only non-christian cults proclaim this kind of blasphemy against Christians. Mr. Chew is neither Protestant Reformed or Confessional in his understanding of many things including Soteriology(the doctrine of Salvation).

Mr. Chew even if they were wrong in their worship. How does that cause them to lose their salvation? Are you saying a person can lose their justification? Or are you saying that final salvation is dependent upon ones sanctification?


Of Justification

V. God doth continue to forgive the sins of those that are justified; and although they can never fall from the state of justification, yet they may by their sins fall under God's Fatherly displeasure, and not have the light of his countenance restored unto them, until they humble themselves, confess their sins, beg pardon, and renew their faith and repentance.

From a concerned Calvinist

markbark said...

I attend one of those 142 churches participating in the Festival of Praise; I am very offended by this fellow who had condemned my entire congregation to hell, demanding that my pastors and all my church brethren must repent of "blasphemy" or else risk damnation - as he had clearly insinuated that we do not have "eternal life."

I have previously commented on his blog, and was concerned for his extremely critical and judgmental attitude. Nevertheless, all my comments were deleted by him irrespective of what I wrote.

I sincerely believe that this fellow has a very closed mind, and you will find ... to your dismay ... that whatever you write here will be treated as an "honest trifle," without a modicum of worth or value.

My friends and I, however, do appreciate your sense of humor and your writings which expose Daniel's asininity.


Chou CC said...


Who is this mad man? Is he MAD? WHY is he running around town like a crazy witch hunter and cursing and cussing about almost every church there is in Singapore or anywhere else?

What the heck is so bloody wrong with this retard? Shouldn't he be on medicine???


Minnie Yap said...

Hi guys (I suppose you r guy, right?)

Take it easy on this chap lah ... he looks like he is just a very young boy trying to show off, that's all. Guess he got all too enthusiastic with his "watchman" job, eh ... haha ... I saw the picture on his blog. Gives me the impression that he really is dying to get some attention ... usually somebody who is a nobody does that lah, no harm leh ... he just wants you to pay attention to him, tell you he is "somebody" lor.

So long for now,
Minnie Yap

Yan Ling said...

Hi Minnie,

I think we got to be responsible for what we publish. So Watchman should apologize publicly if he really sorry for calling all 142 churches (or more) unsaved and going to hell. What kind of a "christian" is he anyway?

Watchman is a shame to all christians everywhere. :(

Sad to have such people in blogosphere.


Geok Seng said...

Goodness gracious me!

142 churches ALL CONDEMNED TO HELL, yeah?

Wow! Goodness! Thank GOODNESS I didn't have the desire nor the time to attend FOP! Otherwise I go to HELL! And burn forever in hell BECAUSE I attend a PRAYER meeting with 142 other churches in stadium!

Oh my!

Jimmy said...

Hey AT,

Someone from this page accused you of something:

This person called "Sounddoctrines" (from ... said, "I don't like the hell picture. He is no difference (sic) from Daniel."

Just because he doesn't like the "hell picture", therefore you are no different from the witch hunter Daniel Chew Huicong. Now THAT'S amazing! He demands that you give a "proper report" ... so what is so improper of your "report?"

Hey, if Sounddoctrine doesn't like the picture, why doesn't he suggest another BETTER picture of HELL. I'm sure there MUST BE a picture of hell which appeals to you, Sounddoctrine!

Sigh, another blind watchman chew follower ...


Wei Guan said...

Re: Daniel Chew' Degree

Many people have been fooled by Daniel Chew Huicong's picture. That graduation was for a BSc, NOT a BTh ... Daniel Chew Huicong has NEVER EVER studied in ANY seminary or theological college. But he likes to show off ... show off that he is a "graduate." And many seeing the graduation photo think he is a graduate in theology. Haha!!!

Wei Guan

Anonymous said...

Hi AT,

In light of what Daniel has written, how would you view events like FOP?

A Reader

Antithesis said...

hi "A Reader",

It's not MY view that's important; it's what you're convicted of (through studying the Bible).

I'm merely a watchman of watchmen. I've neither a BSc nor a graduation photo. In fact, my dad was so sick when I was in college I graduated in absentia - so no nice little album of photos with nice graduation gown, a cheeky smile, or a pretentious egotistical desire to put those photos on a public blog for strangers to admire. Oh no no no no such things ...

Neither do I publicize my learning nor do I pretend to blog about "music lessons," what I do in my work place, or my penchant for Latin words. Guess who does that? Hint: An oaf who tells the whole world he takes violin lessons, what he mixes in the lab, and trashes about like fish on land whenever criticized.

So what's your view then, Sista?


Anonymous said...

Hi AT,

I did not even attend my own graduation ceremony, simply because I was doing my National Service.

It is very easy these days for anyone to exhibits one's learning- "google", copy the free material, and then paste into a blog. Easy! Pity, there is no more "wrestling" anymore - e.g. saving up for good Christian literature.

Having said that, the FOP issue is a real issue - are we studying the Bible to assess it Scripturally? I attended the FOP before, and Daniel did highlight some real problems - perhaps we do not like his approach. But still...

A Reader

Spotty said...

Haha! I also spotted one on "violin lessons" ...

Boasted about a "recital" ... (at ABRSM grade 5)! So now he's a concert violinist.

New nice violin ...!

Announcement said...

Dear All,

For fear of further indictment, Daniel Chew Huicong has made his blog PRIVATE as of TODAY (14th Sat 2009 Noon in Singapore).

This means that no one, EXCEPT those he allows, can access the EVIDENCE to his crimes and self-aggrandizement.

This is how Christin "Watchman" cover up their 'crimes' and protect their reputation - by deleting or covering up all evidence that would EXPOSE THEM FOR WHO THEY TRULY ARE.

Sincerely yours,

Announcement said...

dear All,

Daniel Chew Huicong has ALSO DELETED the following blog:

For reasons, see comments above.

Anonymous said...

Watchman Chew won't take any of his blogs private. If he does that, how to show the world his "intelligence"?

Anonymous said...

His astronova's blog is not private...

Anonymous said...

"astronova wrote on Dec 15, '08
Prince according to my knowledge has no seminary education. Neither has he bothered to learn like Spurgeon who reads copiously (an alternative to formal seminary education). So yes, I think he is just reading from a lexicon and thus committing the exegetical fallacy of lexicography."

AT, is reading an alternative to formal seminary? Is this why Watchmen isn't pursuing theological training or being accountable to a seminary? Perhaps, he believes that he can train himself better.

Announcement said...

For a while, I couldn't access the Astronova blog, so I thought it was "privatized."

This is the Good News - Astronova (aka Astroboy's blog) is available for further scrutiny.

Hear ye the Good News.


Antithesis said...

I noted in this post ...

... that Daniel Chew Huicong has banned someone called Sandie, claiming that Sandie is...

Chew: "you are strongly deluded to believe in the lies of Antithesis. As it is, you are banned from further commenting. First of all, it is NOT true that I believe that "the people in the 142 Churches (who support FOP) who are destined for hell". That is a LIE and slanderous accusation from the pen of Antithesis."

Firstly, I do NOT lie about Watchman Daniel Chew Huicong. Everything I wrote about Chew can be verified via HIS OWN BLOGS, HIS OWN WORDS, OR THROUGH HIS CHURCH CERC.

Secondly, Daniel Chew in replying Staub1212, wrote:

Staub1212: Daniel, your proclamation of who is going to hell and who is condemned is frightening.

Watchman Chew: Really? Do you believe that non-Christians are going to hell if they continue to reject Christ? If so, then I think you should have a good look in the mirror. Your proclamation of who is going to hell (non-believers) and who is condemned (non-believers) is frightening.

Watchman Chew here makes a deliberate logical fallacy - false analogy.

Staub1212 commented on Chew's perennial efforts in calling down fire and brimstone upon PROFESSING CHRISTIANS.

But Chew retorted by making a judgment analogy with PROFESSING PAGANS/UNBELIEVERS.


On the other hand, unbelievers profess themselves non-Christians, so what's your problem, Chew? Can't think now?

Furthermore, look at Daniel's arrogance ...

Staub1212: Be careful Daniel about how you "appoint yourself" as one to watch the watchmen

Chew: "I do not appoint myself. God is the only one who appoints a person. If you have a problem with that, find God."

Chew appointed himself as Watchman Chew, and he claims GOD APPOINTED HIM.

Eh, Chew, this is called bare assertion. But according to shrinks, this is called visual/auditory delusions which occur in people with mental problems like schizophrenia.

Chew, please for Pete's sake, if God appointed you, was your Pastor Paul Goh there to witness the ordination of YOU AS WATCHMAN???

Is Pastor Paul Goh under your spiritual "watching" as well?

Anonymous said...

Someone should contact his employer, because he is probably "blogging" on the job and not getting work finished.

Anonymous said...

"Someone should contact his employer, because he is probably "blogging" on the job and not getting work finished."

Maybe we all should!

Daniel's Mystery Colleague said...

Yeah, we all should tell his boss ... I bet we can catch him blogging at work ... that's "good" testimony ... like "serving God" at work ... yeah, right.

Hedonese said...

Hi there, as a concerned christian from across the causeway, I am saddened by online rhetorics frm watchmen and those who watch over them :)

Is there no place to follow Jesus' injunction to meet up with each other at starbucks and try to thrash things out in private before bringing this out in the open?

Antithesis said...

Dear Dave,

It seems to be a fortunate fact that I do not know Mr Chew personally; but since I have perused his heightened level of spiritual realization, I am not keen to get within 1km of his abode.

For a fact, I know of good Christian men who had been to his blog, commented in good Christian spirit, and was condemned to eternal damnation for not agreeing with him.

But I am all set for a good cuppa!

Hedonese said...

The personal touch can make a very crucial difference in these kind of heated discussions. I see you have already tracked down Daniel's office.

Recall Someone we both know who teach his followers to walk the extra mile (kilometer?) hehe...

Maybe there's a kopitiam nearby :)

Antithesis said...

Dear Dave,

Your and your friends' (@Agora) writings are miles apart from the Watchman's ... in a very good sense. ;)

Your Christian spirit shows.

I couldn't fathom how mature, Christian writing (and spirit!) should mingle with and be contaminated by "Christian" Jihad-ism.

Let's see ...

Entangled with
Ding-dongs and

That's the Credo "Conference" when you get entangled with, well, ding-dongs.

And ostentatiousness, wrapped within a graduation robe, of course!

Hedonese said...

well, maybe we can have a cuppa when i'm in spore one day?

Some ppl told me that people can be nicer in person than their blog suggests so... stg to pray about...
if jesus can eat with tax collectors, i guess its okay to mingle with folks who are more to the right than us too, lar...

A reader said...

I think if you ask people who know Daniel Chew what he is really like, what would they say?

Would they write glowing remarks like Paul did in Romans 16?

Darren said...

I don't agree with Daniel's strong approach nor all of his doctrines. However, I am disturbed by the way you seem to make a mockery of him. Though I disagree strongly with some of his points, i think that your writings are too harsh and not loving. we do not fight fire with fire. my suggestion is to love (which we are commanded to do) and pray for him! by making fun of him does not makes one a good testimony as a Christian.

Mike Wong said...

Dear Darren,

As a reader of this blog, I beg to differ. I respect your opinion, but I do not find your statements accurate descriptions of the state of affairs.

Mr Chew craves attention, judging from his public blog, frequent involvement with theological polemics, deliberate witch hunting,and his voluntary contribution of articles to various blogs and conferences etc.

It is within good journalism ethics to write such critiques and expose of whatever weaknesses present in Chew's articles and blogs.

Besides, it is Chew himself who URGES people to JUDGE and CRITICIZE teachers and preachers if their teachings are wrong or erroneous.

Are you saying that Chew is IMMUNE to such criticisms?

If AT is "making fun" of Chew, then Chew must be "making fun" of so many preachers, pastors, elders, and ministry leaders!

What fun it is then!

Watchman Chew needs watching too, you see.

Anonymous said...

As usual, hypocrites and gang demand a double standards when dealing with themselves.

What hypocrisy.


A reader said...


You said - "i think that your writings are too harsh and not loving."

I think AT is being very loving here; he is being his brother's keeper, a brother's watcher.

Was Jesus unloving when he trashed the pharisees?

Surely it's more loving to correct a brother, to expose his errors, and to critique his self-delusion rather than to leave him to his own devices.

Most of all, I learned these things from brother Daniel Chew. And if it's necessary, I will even anathematize a fellow brethren in the likeness of Apostle Paul (Gal 1:8-9).

That's true love. Don't you agree?

Darren said...

I find Daniel’s approach too strong and repulsive. But even though sometimes I myself wonder if I should poke fun at him, I felt within my spirit God telling me not to as would I be the same as him if I make a mockery of him? One wrong does not make another wrong right. I learn that some people are just plain arrogant and will not listen. No point fighting them head on. It will not work. I disagree with Daniel but I do not believe in attacking his character and making fun of him as it is un-Christlike. God tells us to turn the other cheek. If you disagree with him, criticize his doctrine then but do not attack his character. That is love. Love is not tearing people down but correcting them in love. Anyway, I think no matter how hard people tear his doctrine down, Daniel seems too stubborn and it won’t get any where but just make everyone more bitter and angry. Better to just pray for him!

Ming Ming said...

I find Daniel’s approach too strong and repulsive. And even though sometimes I myself wonder if I should have fellowship with him, I felt within my spirit God telling me not to as would I be the same as him if I "touch the unclean things" (Lev 11) and be "unequally yoked" with him? One right does not make another right wrong. I learn that some people are just plain arrogant and will not listen. No point discussing with them face to face. It will not work. I disagree with Daniel, and I believe that the only way things will work out is to have someone tear him down, and puncture his ego. It will be the only responsible and Christlike thing to do. Even Jesus rebuked and tore down the Pharisees. If you disagree with him, criticize his doctrine then but do not leave his character and pride unattended. That is love. Love is tearing down evil errors, pride, self-delusion, and every high thing that stands in the way of Jesus. Anyway, I think no matter how hard people tear his doctrine down, Daniel seems too stubborn and it won’t get any where but just make him more bitter and angry. Better to just make a fool of his silly "papers"!

Anonymous said...

Even the prophets of old attacked the "character" (ad hominem) of various persons e.g. John the Baptist calling the Pharisees a "brood of vipers" (Lk 3:1-9).

Jesus Himself pointed out the hypocrisy and false piety of the Pharisees ... e.g.

Matt 23:1-5 "Then Jesus spoke to the multitudes and to His disciples, saying: "The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses' seat. Therefore whatever they tell you to observe, that observe and do, but do not do according to their works; for they say, and do not do. For they bind heavy burdens, hard to bear, and lay them on men's shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers. But all their works they do to be seen by men."

Matt 15:14 "They are blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch."

Matt 23:13 "But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you shut up the kingdom of heaven against men; for you neither go in yourselves, nor do you allow those who are entering to go in."

If attacking the character of Daniel Chew is sin, then Jesus must have sinned calling Pharisees hypocrites, blind men etc (ad hominems).

Let us be holy, and let us follow the PERFECT example of Jesus in attacking the CHARACTER of HYPOCRITES!

Anonymous said...


Although i didn't attend FoP nor am i from the churches you've mentioned, i'm upset that you've made a judgement onto the Churches and the people. Without attending nor had any evidence regarding FoP.

You are not God.

You believe in God, you should obey His word also.

Peter Goh said...

Hi Anonymous,

You should be upset with Daniel Chew, not the writers of this blog. Antithesis is simply writing a satirical post on Chew's anathemas and condemnation of FoP and the churches involved.

Did you really read this post?

Dean Chester said...

Googled for "Daniel Chew" and found your blog. This Chew is a strange man indeed!

Strange intentions and desires for a non-theological man to pretend to be an expert in theology. And he even goes around shooting down fellow Christians!

Strange strange indeed!

Dan Sheehan said...

This is no small matter. I just stumbled upon this "Daniel Chew" from Singapore, and find his posts extremely offensive to various Christian groups.

Shouldn't the ISD investigate him? Someone should lodge a report to the government about him. Look at how he condemns the Catholics and various other Christian groups!

Monica C said...

Hey AT, how ya doin' in there? I'm back with a vengeance!

Anyway, let me know if that fella makes a pansy of himself. ;)

This is a good work!